About Me

A little more about me and my jobs

My History

I've been working for almost 6 years as a technology professional, my first experience was in 2011, when I helped a friend to found a startup of 3D and Games.

In 2013 I joined a full-time job in a web and mobile application development agency where we worked with Ruby On Rails, Java and Android, we have done from small internal applications to control work hours to a big CRM aimed at gyms in PrimeFaces, Integrated with Hardware and mobile applications.

In this place I had contact with the first ideas of remote work (all that Basecamp DHH and Jason Fried philosophy), working by the hour and often at the house of some relatives, at the beach, from a coffee shop. This agency was a great laboratory where we looked beyond the already mentioned technologies. We were encouraged to suggest and use new things in our applications, with this encouragement I had the first contacts with node, bower, yeoman and so many other front-end names.

I was also responsible for designing the interfaces within this agency, because I always liked to think about the look and feel when it comes to delivering value to the customers. There we had some Agile techniques like stand-up meetings, task control, weekly goals and also eXtreme Programming with pair programming when this was convenient in some projects.

In 2014 I have founded a Google Developer Group in my city (GDG Francisco Beltrão), encouraging the local community, doing tech-talks, meetups and various events to talk about design and various technologies like AngularJS, Computer Vision, Chrome Dev Tools and so on.

The community fly bited me and I still doing this till today.

In this GDG I have been the host of two Google I / O extended with more than 300 people present in each year, two Devfests and attending at two Google Community Summits and many meetups and hangouts

In the year 2015 I decided to leave this agency and found my own, I focused on mobile since then, developing primarily native Android applications and also mobile UI / UX services, where I worked with several local startups.

In 2016, I focused on mobile technologies but now besides native android, a more hybrid appeal, where I worked with Ionic and followed its evolution.

Also in 2016 I was technology mentor of Startup Weekend São Luís , in São Luís - MA and in Hackathon focused on retail industry segment.

At the end of this year, I wanted to change the airs. I decided to try a new experience: working in a traditional company. As I already had experience with mobile, I was hired to develop applications in Xamarin.

However, due to the extreme rigidity of rules, where even bathroom time was counted, I decided to go back to freelance life, where I worked with some companies from abroad.

Today I am part of GDG Cascavel, where I’m a manager and I mainly organize meetups focused on mobile technologies and I'm a Ionic Framework instructor at Tampa.Works in the weekends.

My Skills

  • Html, Css, Javascript
  • Native Android Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Ionic Framework

Current Projects

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